The UK2070 Commission will publish its Final Report in November 2019. Prior to this, we will publish a Progress Report in December 2018 and an Interim Report, with provisional recommendations, in June 2019. During the course of the work of the UK2070 Commission, we will also publish a series of Occasional Papers here on topics of relevance to the work of the Commission. If you would like to contribute a paper, please get in touch with us via the Contact page.

We are however pleased to announce that our Call For Evidence has now opened, and will remain so until until 16 November 2018.

Call For Evidence

The work of the UK2070 Commission will be informed by communications we receive through a Call for Evidence, where policymakers, politicians, and the general public can submit evidence or opinions on the future of city and regional development in the UK – evidence is sought on the nature, causes and solutions to the embedded spatial inequalities across the UK. Contributing a response  can be done in a variety of ways, as indicated on the last page of the document, and which is replicated below:

Responses may be submitted either via our online form; by email or by post.

Responses may be emailed to:

Hard copies can be sent to:
The UK2070 Commisson,
c/o Department of Urban Studies and Planning,
University of Sheffield,
S10 2TN

These will then be all taken into account by the Commissioners and will help inform the final report.

Full Prospectus

We have published two prospectuses, of which this is the full 12 page version, however a summary prospectus of 4 pages is also available below.

The full prospectus details: the goals of the Commission; the context of the Commission; the activities of the Commission; our programme timetable and outputs; the commitments of our partners and the membership both of the Commission and of the Commission’s Steering Group.

Summary Prospectus

As detailed above, this is a 4 page summary of our full prospectus. It also outlines the partnership of organisations which have come together to form the UK2070 Commission; the background context of the Commission; our activities and a brief biography of each of the Commissioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you be struggling to find the information you require about the Commission elsewhere, this document answers a number of Frequently Asked Questions about UK2070.


If you would like to contact us about our work, please email:, or get in touch through Twitter @UK_2070.